maandag 12 oktober 2009

Incheon Bridge Marathon

The Hankyoreh reports that a marathon opened the Incheon Bridge. It is the longest bridge in South Korea (18 kilometers). It connects New Sondo City (IFEZ) with Yeongjong (IFEZ) Island. The island was an area of reclaimed land built for the construction of Incheon International Airport

zondag 11 oktober 2009

About Geomam (검암)

Geomam (검암동) is a neighbourhood in the Seo-Gu (서구) district near Cheongna (청라) - an Incheon Metropolitan City (인천) Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) - in South Korea (대한민국). IFEZ consists of Songdo, Youngjong and Cheongna. Geomam Station is a railway station on AREX (railway line that links Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport, with a future section extending to Seoul Station) and Incheon Subway Line 2 (under construction). Gyeongin (경인 - railway, expressway and canal) is on the north side of Geomam. Formerly, it was Geomam-ri, Sogot-myun, Bucheon-gun by unfiying Wolkot-myun, Bupyeong-gun, and renamed as Geomam-dong after the liberization of Korea in 1945. Presently, land readjushment.